Thank you for making  "Automate" a successful show for us!

The week of April the 8th, 2019 at McCormick Place in Chicago was a huge success for ADandD.  We enjoyed  visits to our booth by current customers and distributors, as well as those new to the Pop-Link® Mounting Systems.  We look forward to continuing our relationships with those of you we currently work with and developing new relationships with those who "found" us at the show!  Again, thanks to all!

News Releases and Product Improvements

Host Location of Night Owl Country Bands "Made In America"

In January we were honored to host the shooting location for Night Owl Country Bands newly release video Made in America which featured products from Pop-Link® Mounting Systems by ADandD. Click the link below to watch the video and the fun!

News Release #301  New Product PL-GOPRO

News Release #302  New Product PL-LB5

News Release #303  New Product PL-SB50

News Release #304  New Product PL-LB6

News Release #305  New Product PL-LB7

News Release #306  New Product PL-CB7

News Release #307  New Product PL-HDPL-DSTAND1

News Release #308  New Product PL-HDPL-MAG1

News Release #309  New Product PL-CB8

News Release #310​  New Product PL and HDPL Kits

News Release #311​  New Product PL-AB1

News Release #312  New Product PL-AB2

News Release #313  3D Configurator

News Release #314  New Product PL-HDPL-VB1

News Release #315  New Product PL-KPOST-BK and PL-BPOST-BK

News Release #316  New Product PL-SYS1 and SEPL-1

News Release #317  New Product PL-CS and HDPL-CS

News Release #318  New Product PL-AB3 - Cell and Tablet Bracket 

News Release #319  New Product PL-AB4 and Pl-AB5

News Release #320  New Product PL-AB6 thru Pl-AB13

News Release #321  New Product Introducing The JRPL Series

Product Improvement #201  SS Bolt Announcements

Product Improvement #202  Additional 1/4-20 Tapped Hole in PL Series Threaded Posts

The  Assembly Show in Rosemont, IL was a success!!!  Thanks to all who visited our booth and participated in our "Win Little Poppy" contest!

Congratulations Nick Galvin!
Nick Galvin from Danfoss Power Solutions out of Ames, IA. Nick was the winner of our "Win Little Poppy" contest at The Assembly Show.  He is now the proud Big Poppy of Little Poppy!

Can’t wait to see a photo once Little Poppy is all settled in his new home!

A special thanks to IDS and Lakesight Technology for showcasing Pop-Link® Mounting Systems in their booths. 


Pop-Link®  Mounting Systems, by, Launches 3D Product Configurator

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