Keyence CA-CM20 Camera mounts to PL-CB4

​Keyence CA-DRM5X Light mounts to PL-LB6

Keyence CA-DRM10X Light mounts to PL-LB7

Keyence CA-DRW5X Light mounts to PL-LB4

Keyence CA-DRW10X Light mounts to PL-LB3

Keyence CA-DRW20X Light mounts to PL-LB5

Keyence CA-H2100C/M  Camera mounts to PL-CB4​​

Keyence CA-HX048C/M Camera mounts to PL-CB5

​Keyence CA-HX200C/M Camera mounts to PL-CB5
Keyence CA-HX500C/M Camera mounts to PL-CB5

Keyence CV-035C/M Camera mounts to CB4

​​Keyence CV-200C/M Camera mounts to PL-CB4

Keyence CV-500C/M Camera mounts to PL-CB4

Keyence CV-H035 M/C Camera mounts to PL-CB4

Keyence CV-H200C/M Camera mounts to PL-CB4

Keyence CV-H500C/M Camera mounts to PL-CB4

Keyence IV Series Sensor mounts to PL-CB2

​Keyence IV-HG Series Sensor mounts to PL-SB50 Holes G & L (clearance for 3mm bolt)

​Keyence LRZ Series Sensor mounts to PL-SB50 Holes G & J or H & K (clearance for 3mm bolt)

Keyence OP-88310 Smart Bracket mounts to PL-AB1

​Keyence SR500 Code Reader mounts to PL-CB2

​Keyence SR600 Code Reader mounts to PL-CB4

​Keyence SR750 Code Reader mounts to PL-CB2

​​Keyence SR1000 Code Reader mounts to PL-CB2

Keyence SR2000 Code Reader mounts so PL-CB2

​Keyence SR-D100 Code Reader mounts to PL-CB2

​Keyence XG-035C/M Camera mounts to PL-CB4

​Keyence XG-200C/M Camera mounts to PL-CB4

​Keyence XG-500C/M mounts to PL-CB4

Keyence XG-H035C/M  Camera mounts to PL-CB4

Keyence XG-H200C/M  Camera mounts to PL-CB4

Keyence XG-H500C/M  Camera mounts to PL-CB4

Keyence XG-H2100C/M   Camera mounts to PL-CB4​​

Keyence XG-HL02M  Camera mounts to PL-CB4​

Keyence XG-HL04M  Camera mounts to PL-CB4

Keyence XG-HL08M  Camera mounts to PL-CB4​




​Pop-Link Mounting Systems  

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